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Great tables, as always, and a great looking zine overall! I'll pick up the print copy along with issue 4 when it is released!

Thank you, appreciate it. Issue 4 should be coming Summer next year.

In that case I'll probably get a print copy of Issue 3 next time I splurge at Spear Witch / Exalted Funeral. Keep up the awesome work!


Cheers mate! Just FYI it's unlikely #3 will be reprinted in its current form, so if you're really set on getting a physical copy I would look at Igloo Tree or my Big Cartel, as there's only a few copies left for sale and none to my knowledge in the US. 

I'm such a fan of this series so far and I have yet to play it. Also, Lithlings may be my new favorite Ancestry. Not because I like to get stoned, but uh..

Also, Planeyfolk are extremely interesting. Non-euclidean math meets graphical glitch kind of feel.


Thank you! The Lithlings and Planeyfolk are definitely more 'outside the box' in terms of mechanics so I wasn't sure how they'd be received but I wanted to experiment a bit.


love the series keep up the fantastic work


hell yes brother

YEEEEEEEES! Great as always. 

Thank you! Glad it lives up to 1 and 2